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The blog-post <a title=”How important is handwriting? has generated some interesting comments which I thought I’d share here.

One follower wrote, “There is little opportunity to develop motor skills right from the start yet we expect children to be able to write earlier and earlier. That’s another thing that draws me towards Montessori education, children are taught sounds and then phonics etc. but actually writing with a pencil and paper is introduced a little later, instead the children have fine motor activities and mark-making, using a moveable alphabet to practice with. They’re also taught cursive from the beginning, much more difficult to switch letters because they’re all a different shape.”

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One comment via twitter “Great article but many children find the ‘lead in flick’ confusing writing.”

I’m not sure I agree with this last comment, I think that teaching lead-in entry strokes from the very beginning avoids reversing letters and also leads to children being able to write more quickly in the long-run.

Please do keep sharing your thoughts.


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