Education Jargon

Everyone in education is guilty of it – I sit in some meetings and after 20 years involved in teaching and school leadership, I can just about survive and navigate my way through the acronyms, abbreviations and terminology.

But, having recently moved to work in schools in a new Local Authority, it was clear that even after a fair stint in the profession, there was now a whole raft of new terms and phrases to learn.

For someone arriving with ‘experience’, it’s also awkward to ask for an explanation!

I’m sure many of you will empathise with this situation.  Be it as a teacher in an SEN (Special Educational Needs) review, a parent at a parents’ evening, a governor reading through a headteachers’ report, or anyone reading a school website, or school newsletter – or like me, a headteacher arriving in a new local authority!

I would plea to everyone in education to attempt to use less ‘teacher-talk’, especially when speaking to parents, but I think it’s too engrained in the culture of schools.  I will though plea – for teachers to just be aware, and attempt to use this language less.  But for those where it is confusing, I’ve started to compile this helpful guide, Education Jargon Explained.

I would love your input into this, please send in your suggestions for inclusion / improvements to the explanations and together, we’ll build a comprehensive guide to help everyone involved in schools in any way.


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